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Universal Mechanism 9

Download Universal Mechanism (August 3, 2021) and install the program on your hard disk.

You can use Universal Mechanism for one month after installation for education purposes only. Free 6-month educational license is provided for (PhD) students on request. To obtain a student UM license generate a request-file in UM Input or UM Simulation programs (Help/About/Registration) and send it to Do not forget to attach a scan copy of your student ID to your request. The license file will be sent you in reply.

This installation of Universal Mechanism includes all available UM modules and user,s manuals.

First of all, we recommend you to have a look at several examples of mechanical systems:
- run UM Simulation;
- load models from Samples directory and run it.

After that use manuals from the Getting started series to get quick start in using Universal Mechanism.


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  Filename Size Description
Universal Mechanism / Installation Packages

Last update on August 3, 2021

 1,2 Gb New! Universal Mechanism 9 release. Revision history since October 2014 is available here.
Last update on May 14, 2013
25 Mb Network license server for program package "Universal Mechanism" (install for network licenses ONLY)

Last update on December 12, 2020

13 Mb New! UM Cluster Client. Installation of the client part of the UM Cluster.

UMSceneCollection.exe, v. 1.6
Last update on February 4, 2021

1,8 Gb New material! Collection of standard 3D objects, textures and skyboxes for UM Scene module
Universal Mechanism / Installation archive

Dated on August 24, 2018

 808 Mb This is the last installation that includes both 32- and 64-bit executable files. All next releases include 64-bit files only.

Dated on August 24, 2018

932 Mb This is the last installation that includes both 32- and 64-bit executable files. All next releases include 64-bit files only. UM 8.5 is the intermediate version with the new graphical engine in UM Simulation program.
Universal Mechanism / Samples 474 Mb Additional samples for UM VBI module: simulation of vehicle-bridge interaction. 6 Mb Additional samples for UM Rolling Contact Fatigue module: simulation of contact fatigue of railway wheels. 52 Mb Additional samples for UM Flexible wheelset: dynamic simulation of rail vehicles taking into account flexibility of wheelsets. 89 Mb Additional samples for UM FEM Monorail: dynamic simulation of parts of flexible monorail tracks using FEM subsystems. 281 Mb Additional samples for UM FEM Maglev track: dynamic simulation of parts of flexible maglev tracks using FEM subsystems.
Universal Mechanism / Import from CAD programs


Last update on March 4, 2022

2,4 Mb Free utility for export data from Autodesk Inventor to UM CAD file. It supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Autodesk Inventor starting with Autodesk Inventor 2013.


Last update on February 10, 2021

1,5 Mb Free utility for export data from SolidWorks to UM CAD file. It supports 32- and 64-bit versions of SolidWorks starting with SolidWorks 2012.


Last update on October 06, 2018

8,2 Mb Free utility for export data from Creo to UM CAD file. It supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Creo starting with Creo 1.0.


Last update on April 27, 2016

5,4 Mb Free utility for export data from Pro/ENGINEER to UM CAD file. It supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 4 and 5.


Last update on March 1, 2019

12,5 Mb New release! Free utility to convert data from STEP and IGES files fo UM CAD file format, beta version.
Universal Mechanism / What is new in UM 9
what_is_new_in_um9.pdf  1,5 Mb Description of new features of UM 9 version.
Universal Mechanism / UM User,s Manual: Getting Started
gs_UM.pdf 1,6 Mb Getting Started with UM
gs_UM_Automotive.pdf 0,8 Mb Getting Started: road vehicle dynamics
gs_UM_Loco.pdf 1,9 Mb Getting Started: railway vehicle dynamics
gs_UM_Caterpillar.pdf 1,4 Mb Getting Started: track vehicle dynamics
gs_UM_FEM.pdf 1,2 Mb Getting Started: UM FEM
gs_UM_Control.pdf 2,3 Mb Getting Started: Matlab interface
gs_UM_Experiments.pdf 0,8 Mb Getting started: scanning projects
gs_UM_Durability.pdf 1,9 Mb Getting Started: UM Durability durability analysis using
gs_UM_Train.pdf 3 Mb Getting Started: longitudinal train dynamics
Universal Mechanism / User,s Manual
UM_Licensing.pdf 1,1 Mb Universal Mechanism software license
UM_Network_Installation.pdf 0,4 Mb Network installation of Universal Mechanism
00_UM_Introduction.pdf 0,4 Mb Introduction
01_UM_Configuration.pdf 0,5 Mb UM structure and composition
02_UM_Technical_Manual.pdf 2,9 Mb Mechanical systems for modeling object
03_UM_Data_Input_Program.pdf 7,0 Mb Data input program (model generation)
04_UM_Simulation_Program.pdf 5,0 Mb Simulation program (analysis of the dynamics of the model)
05_UM_Programming.pdf 1,5 Mb UM programming environment
06_UM_Experiments.pdf 0,9 Mb Multivariate calculation and optimization module
07_UM_Simulation_Examples.pdf 2,0 Mb A simple example of a collection of comments
08_UM_Loco.pdf 6,9 Mb Railway vehicle simulation
09_UM_CAD_Interface.pdf 1,2 Mb Import data from a CAD program
10_UM_Loco_Manchester_benchmarks.pdf 1,9 Mb Manchester railway simulation benchmark
11_UM_FEM.pdf 3,2 Mb Using UM FEM simulation of a flexible body
12_UM_Automotive.pdf 7,2 Mb Road vehicle dynamics simulation
13_UM_Durability.pdf 2,2 Mb UM durability and fatigue analysis using
14_UM_Ballast.pdf 1,2 Mb Modeling the dynamics of granular media plane
15_UM_Train.pdf 3,1 Mb UM railway train by train dynamics
16_UM_Predicting_railway_profile....pdf 0,8 Mb New manual! Railway wheel wear prediction
17_UM_Train3D.pdf 1,9 Мб UM Train3D using a 3D model of the train car
18_UM_Caterpillar.pdf 4,9 Mb UM Tracked Vehicle-track dynamics model of the vehicle
19_UM_CoSimulation.pdf 0,7 Mb Integration of UM models into Matlab / Simulink models
20_UM_COM.pdf 1,9 Mb UM COM interface
21_UM_VBI.pdf 1,3 Mb Simulation of railway vehicle and bridge interaction
22_UM_Driveline.pdf 2,1 Mb Driveline modeling
23_UM_Cluster.pdf 1,1 Mb UM cluster: a distributed computational services
24_UM_BlockEditor.pdf 0,9 Mb Built-in UM block diagram editor
25_UM_RCF.pdf 2,3 Mb New manual! Railroad wheel and rail contact fatigue damage accumulation in the simulation
26_UM_Monorail_Train.pdf 1,5 Mb Monorail train simulation
27_UM_Flexible_Railway_Track.pdf 1,4 Mb Simulation of flexible railway track dynamics
28_UM_Flexible_Wheelset.pdf 2,9 Mb Dynamic simulation of rail vehicles taking into account flexibility of wheelsets
29_UM_MagLev.pdf 3,1 Mb Simulation of MagLev trains
30_UM_Scene.pdf 1,4 Mb New manual! Preparing photorealistic environment using UM Scene module
31_UM_Pneumatics.pdf 1,6 Mb New manual! Simulation of MBS with pneumatic systems
32_UM_Sensors.pdf 1,6 Mb New manual! Simulation of sensors of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) using UM Sensors and UM Video Flow modules
um_Trouble_Shooting.pdf 0,4 Mb Troubleshooting
Universal Mechanism / Presentations 123 Mb General-purpose machines and mechanical engineering with the help of Universal Mechanism software (PowerPoint presentation in ZIP- archive)
   umauto.ppsx 250 Mb Using Universal Mechanism software for simulation of road vehicle dynamics (PowerPoint presentations in ZIP-archive)
   umloco.ppsx 565 Mb Simulation of railway vehicle dynamics using Universal Mechanism software (PowerPoint presentations, 162 slides, with animations) 104 Mb Using Universal Mechanism software fo simulation of tracking vehicle dynamics (PowerPoint presentations in ZIP-archive) 19 Mb Modeling of granular media in UM (PowerPoint presentation, ZIP-archive, Russian lang., with animations). 266 Mb Real-time simulation of wheeled and tracked (PowerPoint presentation in zip-archive). 12 Mb Modeling wear of wheel and rail in the PC "Universal Mechanism" robots in UM, (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive). 64 Mb Simulation of accumulation of contact fatigue damages in railway wheels with the help of Universal Mechanism software,  (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive). 15 Mb Simulation of Dynamics of Freight Car based on Three-Piece Bogies: Mathematical Model, Safety, Wear,  (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive). 23 Mb Simulation of train derailment processes and the identification of causes of derailments by using Universal mechanism software are considered (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive). 14 Mb Presentation is devoted to the numerical simulation of train dynamics in real time and the practical application of such simulation - train simulator software (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive). 2,8 Mb Predicting wear of railway wheel profiles in program package "Universal Mechanism": methods and approaches,  (PowerPoint presentation, zip-archive).
иконка  UM_Pneumatic_Systems.ppsx  4,3 Mb

Simulation of multibody systems with Pneumatic Elements. Module: UM Pneumatic Systems (UM PS), (PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show).

иконка predicting_railway_profile_wear.ppsx  4,8 Mb This presentation is about a new UM 9 module UM Loco / Rail Profile Wear Evolution which is aimed at predicting wear of railway rail profiles, PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show).
Universal Mechanism / Training
   umtraining.pdf 12 Kb UM model railway vehicle dynamics simulation training program dedicated to the final purchase UM program modules and features of the model and the goals of customers depend on.
Universal Mechanism Lite / Installation Package
   umlite70.exe 26 Mb Simplified version of Universal Mechanism software is intended for a variety of users. It requires no special knowledge of the design engineer terms and ideas.
UM Express for KOMPAS-3D / Installation Package
(Library of simulation of dynamics and kinematics for KOMPAS-3D )
   umexpress143_32.exe 22 Mb KOMPAS-3D simulation library for the dynamic and kinematic
   umexpress143_64.exe 23 Mb KOMPAS-3D simulation library for the dynamic and
UM Drillstring Analysis / Installation
Icon DSA


 451 Мb UM Drillstring Analysis 1.0.
UM Drillstring Analysis / Manual: Getting Started

GS DSA - UM Drillstring Analysis.pdf

 11 Мb UM Drillstring Analysis 1.0. getting started manual.
UM Drillstring Analysis / Presentations 431 Мb UM Drillstring Analysis overview.


istory Marketing Materials


  Filename Size Description 28,6 Mb UM corporate identity: guidelines, logo, colors and fonts, business cards. Last update: 1st of September, 2020.