IV International Scientific and Technical Workshop


IV International Scientific and Technical Workshop "Computer Simulation in Railway Transport: Dynamics, Strength, Wear" was held April 3-4, 2018 in Bryansk, Russia.

The workshop was hosted by Bryansk State Technical University.

The following materials are available for downloading.

 Organizing Committee

Prof. Dmitry Pogorelov, Chairman

Dr. Roman Kovalev, Dr. Gennady Mikheev, Dr. Alexey Sakalo, Dr. Sergey Tomashevskiy, Elena Bartuleva, Vladimir Yampoltsev, Pavel Skachkov, Nikolay Lysikov

Bryansk State Technical University

Kharkovskaya 10B, Bryansk, 241035, Russia
Phone, Fax: +7 4832 568637
E-mail: um@universalmechanism.com

Workshop photo. Full-size photo is available here (2.05 Mb).

Organizing committee thanks Dr. Alexander Olshevskiy for his valueable help and brilliant pictures.

All workshop pictures are published in the album in our group in Facebok.

Here you can find the presentations that were reported during the workshop. Some presenters did not allow publishing their presentations. Such presentation were not published. 

1 Rodikov А.N.*, Pogorelov D.Y. (BSTU, Bryansk) 
Prediction of wheel profile wear in «Universal mechanism» software
2 Simonov V.А.*, Kerentsev D.Е., Pogorelov D.Y. (BSTU, Bryansk; Vyksa Steel Works, Vyksa) 
Assessment of car wheel profiles according to the criteria of dynamics, wear and rolling contact fatigue, taking into account their evolution during operation
3 Sakalo V.I., Sakalo А.V.* (BSTU, Bryansk)
The choice of criterion for modeling accumulation process of rolling contact fatigue in railway wheels
4 Zakharov S.М. (VNIIZhT, Moscow)
Review of approaches for simulation of initiation of surface rolling contact fatigue damages in rails
5 Liu Wei, Liu Zhen-guang, Bu Ji-lin, Lei Qiang* (CRRC Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. Ltd, Sichuan Tongsuan Technology Co. Ltd, China) 
Floating slab track parameter optimum design based on TMT’s systematic method
6 Songsak Suthasupradit (Naresuan University, Naresuan, Thailand)
Bridge-train dynamic interactions analysis using finite element and multi-body simulation: a case study of Poramintra bridge, Thailand
7 Zhang Nan, Zhou Shuang (Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China) 
A vehicle-bridge interaction dynamic system analysis method based on inter-system iteration
8 Kolotyrkin I.P. (3V Service Ltd., Moscow) 
Development of models of complex technical systems in the SimInTech environment
9 Zarifian А.А., Talahadze T.Z.*, Grebennikov N.V., Chernikov V.V., Harchenko М.V., Dudkevich V.P. (Rostov State Transport University, Rostov-on-Don) 
A computer model of a shunting locomotive with a modular power station
10 Spirov A.V. (VNIKTI, Kolomna) 
Computer simulation of running gears, wheel-track interaction and safety factors
11 Pogorelov D.Y.*, Mikheev G.V., Rodikov A.N. (BSTU, Bryansk)
Simulation of catenary system in «Universal Mechanism» software
12 Rattapoohm Parichatprecha (Naresuan University, Naresuan, Thailand)
Challenges and opportunities in ASEAN railway modernization
13 Edwin Vollebregt (VORtech CMCC, The Netherlands)
Wheel/rail contact geometry processing in «CONTACT»
14 Kwanje Woo (Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; Republic of Korea)
A study on the relationship between derailment and radius of track where switches are installed
15 Kobischanov V.V., Antipin D.Y.*, Chechulin Е.S. (BSTU, Bryansk)
Substantiation of technical solutions of inter-car transitions based on multibody models
16 Agapov D.G. (BSTU, Bryansk)
Computer modeling of a newly designed inter-regional express in «Universal mechanism» software
17 Savoskin А.N.*, Vasiliev А.P. (Russian university of transport, Moscow) 
Selection of the wheel-to-rail contact model at traction torque and lateral oscillations of the rail-vehicle
18  Pogorelov D.Y. (BSTU, Bryansk)
МSimulation of Maglev Trains in «Universal mechanism» software
19  Volokhov G.M., Ovechnikov М.N., Knyazev D.А., Timakov М.V.* (VNIKTI, Kolomna)
Simulation of crack growth in railway rolling stock axes
20 Kovalev R.V.*, Sakalo A.V. (BSTU, Bryansk)
International benchmarking of longitudinal train dynamics simulators
21 Mikheev G.V., Tomaschevsky S.B.* (BSTU, Bryansk)
UM FEA: the new tool for the creating flexible subsystems in «Universal Mechanism» software
22 Mikheev G.V.*, Rodikov А.N., Krugovova Е.А. (BSTU, Bryansk)
Simulation of dynamics of monorail vehicles taking into account the track flexibility