Simulator of Mobile Robots RobSim

General information and functionality

Currently, the program package RobSim using in the following areas:
   – training of operators of mobile robots used in the corporation "Rosatom" and related organizations, the basic skills of working with them – working out of model manipulation;
   – strategical creation of scenes for the development of the technology that eliminate the consequences of accidents with the use of mobile robots.

Program package RobSim allows allows the beginner to learn the basic techniques of work management in a virtual scene. Its use can significantly accelerate the learning process and to secure that, ultimately, significantly reduces the overall costs. The advanced computer technology and mathematical modeling methods make it possible to create systems to simulate the motion of the robot and its interaction with the elements of a scene with reasonable plausibility.

RobSim includes several pre-made scenes and robots. In addition, users can develop their own models of scenes and robots. Сurrently actual version of the program package RobSim is 5.0.