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Vehicle models

Some models of Railway Vehicles Developed with the Help of UM Loco


Тепловоз ТЭМ21 Тепловоз ТЭ116
Diesel locomotive TEM21 Diesel locomotive TE116

A number of railway vehicles (locomotives, wagons, metro cars, trams etc.) were simulated with the help of UM Loco. The first applied researches were done in the early nineties, when a model of the TEP80 locomotive (Kolomna Locomotive Works, Kolomna, Russia) was described and its dynamic behavior was investigated. In 1995 a model of 120-tonn-tank truck was developed and a comparison of its dynamics on standard three-piece bogies and newly suggested bogies was carried out.

In 1995 the collaboration with All-Russian Locomotive Design Institute (Kolomna, Russia) started and leaded to the development of the detailed dynamic model of the TE116 locomotive. The model of the locomotive contains flexible wheelsets with 7 d.o.f., traction engines and gears. A model of the TE116 locomotive with radial bogies was developed as well. In 1998 some models of two- and three-axle bogies by Bryansk Machine Building Works (Bryansk, Russia) for new projected locomotives were prepared. In 1998-2001 a number of models (TEM21, TA15, TA25, TA35) were developed and analyzed for BMBW. Dynamics of locomotives with bogies of different design and the effectiveness of radial bogies were of main interest.

  In 2000 a model of the three-piece bogie and freight wagons (“State United Enterprises URALVAGONZAVOD”, Nizhniy Tagil, Russia) were created. The models provide four constructions of friction wedges and three constructions of the axle-box. For more accurate simulation of the contact interaction (between friction wedges, side frames and bolster in the suspension, between side frame and wheelset in the axle-box, and in the pivot unit between bolster and car body) a mathematical model of multipoint contact forces were developed. This model is widely used for the analysis of derailment situations and possible modernizations of the bogie. Click here to read more detailed description of the model of the three-piece bogie and the freight wagon.

Электровоз ВЛ80 Грузовой вагон
Electric locomotive VL80 Freight wagon

In 2001 UM models of the EP10 electric locomotive and its modifications were developed. The model was used for optimization of suspension and geometrical parameters of radial bogies. In 2003 models of the 81-717 metro car, the 71-608K tram, the VL80 electric locomotive as well as a model of a multi-carriage train were created. In 2004 a model of the EP200 electric locomotive was developed.