Pogorelov D. Numeric Algorithms for Computer-Aided Simulation of Multibody Systems. Formulations and Implementations.

Pogorelov D. Lecture at the Pusan National University, South Korea, 2002.

A number of general questions concerning simulation of dynamics of mechanical systems are considered. Analysis of kinematical structure of mechanical systems and some features of simulation of systems with closed kinematical loops, subsystem technique, some approaches for generation of motion equations (direct method, composite body method, articulated body method), methods of numerical integration of motion equations are discussed. Some features of simulation of railway vehicle, hybrid systems ("rigid bodies" + "elastic bodies") and systems with long kinematical chains are considered. Use program package "Universal Mechanism" for educational, scientific and applied purposes is shown.

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Olshevskiy, A., Kulinichev, N., Olshevskiy, A., Kim, C. W., & Yang, H. I. Efficient three-stage approach to fatigue life assessment for transport machines in the context of stilt sprayer performance

Engineering Failure Analysis. Volume 81, November 2017, Pages 10-30 DOI:

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Pogorelov D. Multibody System Approach in Simulation of Underwater Cable Dynamics.

Programme and Abstracts. EUROMECH 398, Colloquium on Fluid-Structure Interaction in Ocean Engineering, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany, October 11-14, 1999.

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Pogorelov D. Differential-algebraic equations in multibody system modeling.

Numerical algorithms, pp. 183-194, 1998.

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Klaus-G. Hinzen and Roman Kovalev. Hiller’s seismoscope.

Seismological Research Letters, Volume 81, Number 5, September/October 2010, P. 804-810.

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Ковалев Р.В., Федяева Г.А., Федяев В.Н. Моделирование электромеханической системы тепловозов.

Сборник трудов ДИИТа №14, Днепропетровск, ДИИТ, 2007. С. 123-127.

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