UM Quick Track

UM Quick Track

The UM Quick Track module is aimed for advanced visualization of the railway track for single ral vehicles and trains. The advanced track is drawing automatically based on the giving track macrogeometry. UM Quick Track includes additional drawing of the concrete or timber sleepers and optional drawing of the ballast bed. This module does not affect dynamics of the system. It changes the visual representation of the railway track. The UM Quick Track may be used along with the UM Scene for the better cumulative effect.

Preparing the advanced railway track does not require lots of computer resources or time. The track is recreated one time on changing of macrogeometry parameters and it takes a few seconds for a typical railway track of 1-2 km length.

UM Quick Track is supported by the new graphical engine only, UM 9.5 and higher.

Figures below show the default railway track in UM and the advanced track prepared with the help of the UM Quick Track module.

Default railway track UM Quick Track