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Kovalev R. Optimizing Multibody Systems: Some Implementations and Results. In Werner Schiehlen and Michael Valasek (eds.)

Preprints of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Virtual Nonlinear Multibody Systems, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, 2002, pp. 107-112

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Pogorelov D. Multibody System Approach in Simulation of Underwater Cable Dynamics.

Programme and Abstracts. EUROMECH 398, Colloquium on Fluid-Structure Interaction in Ocean Engineering, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany, October 11-14, 1999.

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Pogorelov D. Differential-algebraic equations in multibody system modeling.

Numerical algorithms, pp. 183-194, 1998.

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Klaus-G. Hinzen and Roman Kovalev. Hiller’s seismoscope.

Seismological Research Letters, Volume 81, Number 5, September/October 2010, P. 804-810.

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