UM 8.3.4 / 8.5.7

New UM releases 8.3.4 / 8.5.7 are available via the following links:


Library of Car Suspensions

A library of automotive suspension is finished and will be available in the nearest UM release. The library contains the most common types of suspensions for cars and trucks. The following suspension models will be available soon:


New article! Development of dynamics simulation program for coupling vibration of maglev train-track beam based on UM (in Chinese)

The article "Development of dynamics simulation program for coupling vibration of maglev train-track beam based on UM" in Chinese is published in Computer Aided Engineering journal.


Invitation to CONTACT training course in China

Our colleagues from VORtech BV (The Netherlands) and Tongsuan Technology (China) announced an advanced training course focusing on numerical simulation of Wheel-Rail contact mechanics based on the CONTACT software in May 2019 in Beijing and Chengdu (China). 


New converter from STEP and IGES for Universal Mechanism

We have just developed and published a new utility that converts STEP and IGES files into UM compatible UM CAD file format. 


New lesson for beginners in UM: cantilever beam

We have finished the new lesson that is devoted to the simulation of a cantilever beam in UM.


Totally new UM Rolling Contact Fatigue module v. 2

The updated UM Rolling Contact Fatigue (UM RCF) module of version 2.0 is included to the new UM 8.3 release.


UM User Meeting 2018 in China

We are very glad to announce UM User Meeting 2018 that will be held 18th-19th of October 2018 in Sichuan province, China.

Download information leaflet.


Beta-testing: UM 8.5

After several years of development we are glad to present the UM 8.5 beta version that is based on the new graphical engine. Please find details below.


New version: UM 8.3

New UM 8.3 version is now available. Revision history is in versions.txtThe list of new features in this release is given below.


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